August Newsletter 2022

August saw some very hot temperatures and the conclusion of the Commonwealth Games. England did really well as the host and we won 176 medals which included 57 golds! Here at Allenbrook we mirrored the events with our decorative flags and played some games in the lounge – which included some being played in the rooms of a number of our residents, such as soft darts and balloon tennis… always a favourite!

We are starting a person-centred art piece with positive thoughts and mindful advice to people which will be arranged as a large flower and our residents comments written on the petals.

We have welcomed some new staff this month to the team who have brought their experience in care and also a new receptionist, Chelsea. Additionally we welcome a new Activities Co-Ordinator, Lisa to join the department. Some of our staff have taken on senior care roles also – so congratulations to all!

Birthday Celebrations

August Birthdays

  • Rae – 25th August

September Birthdays

  • Freda – 6th September
  • Agnes – 25th September

Week One

The 1st week of August saw lots of activity in and around the Birmingham and Black country with the Commonwealth Games. A number of our staff attended the proceedings and events. One of our residents also attended a Commonwealth event. Martin visited the cricket and he commented he had a really good day!

On a spiritual note, a contingent of our residents expressed an interest in receiving visitations from local religious leaders. They enjoyed a visit from our local Catholic Priest and also in attendance a Reverend from the Church of England.  Now that Covid is easing, visits such as these can resume with regularity to ensure the well-being of our residents with their respective faith.  

New exercise regimes have been introduced and have been a hit with our residents. The exercises are based around stretching and mobility, improving circulation and movement. There is normally a singsong to follow to work the lungs! We still have our fun Shake and Wake and this is always a great way to have some fun.

Week Two

On the 8th of August saw the last day of the games and during the games we made sure that residents who wanted to watch selected sports had access in the lounge to watch an event of their interest. However, Bingo which is sadly not a sport in the games was played as always with gusto from our residents and chocolate as always is a firm winner prize…bingo!!! Better than a gold medal I hear you say!!!

The temperatures this week soared and cool drinks and ice cream were readily available. Fans were of course on hand to cool the premises.

There were a few animal related awareness days this month such as elephant, sea serpent and cat – there was also an international dog day….a little later in the month…

Week Three

Our exercise sessions really took off this week which are carried out in the morning. The sessions usually take place around 11.15am in the morning to ensure that the residents are energised a little after breakfast so they can benefit with their increased energy levels. Hawaiian dance moves and line dancing were incorporated into the exercise sessions with fun music from our You Tube resource. The Hawaiian music did transport us all to the lovely island of Oahu!! There were authentic Hawaiian hand and arm movements from the residents. Then as a switch up, we enjoyed some line dancing later in the week to the sounds of country music. Yeeeehaa!

As a cool down the residents focus on arm and head massage which they are managing to do themselves – a good way to chill down after our little workout!

On the 17th August we offered some information on the world of insects. Our residents called out as many insects that they could think of from butterfly’s to earwigs to wasps and beetles. Great knowledge and recall. Who knew there are 925,000 species of insects! WOW!

A number of our residents saw the hairdresser this week and also manicures were offered…. Betty really enjoyed having her hands massaged.

Week Four

Music played a big part of the resident’s enjoyment this week. Our morning singing sessions that we carry out weekly are doing really well and the residents are familiarising themselves with some of the lovely hymns and songs we have been singing (She’ll be Coming ‘round the Mountain, Amazing Grace, Morning Has Broken, All Things Bright and Beautiful just to mention a few). We have song packs with the words – which will increase in time and offer a variety tunes.

England played South Africa at cricket this month and it is evident that one of our residents has extensive knowledge of cricket. This week Peter imparted his expertise to our Activities Co-Ordinator who tried to implement the bowling tips at home in the garden…needless to say more practise required!

Week Five

Just a few days here in week five. Some our residents had manicures and picked out some really groovy nail polish colour…Jane chose electric blue!!

Over the weekend,  the residents enjoyed Annie and an old black and white film from the 50’s. Our exercise at the beginning of the week included the hand jive, the residents followed the routine beautifully!

Our new Activities Co-Ordinator Lisa, got to know the residents yesterday by chatting to them individually and finding out a bit more about them all.

We certainly have some interesting folks here at Allenbrook and it is always a pleasure to hear their life accomplishments and interests.

Have a great September all! 😊