June Newsletter 2022

June so far has been a really super fun month!

It has been a great month for fun and the residents have enjoyed bingo, balloon tennis, lots of wake and shakes exercises, the start of an abstract art project and the residents enjoyed the movies, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Sound of Music..and the Jubilee celebrations and some lovely sunny days.

Birthday Celebrations

June Birthdays

  • Maisie – 7th June
  • Denis – 8th June
  • Colin – 28th June

July Birthdays

  • David – 9th July
  • Walter – 19th July

Week One

The big news was the celebrations across the land for HRH Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee.

On Saturday 4th June the residents enjoyed a lovely roast dinner to start the celebrations and on the Sunday.  We celebrated in style here at Allenbrook with a wonderful party which included games, singing, dancing, poems and even some rapping by our fabulous Activities lead, Mandy.  There were quizzes, lovely food.…. a spot of bubbly and we topped the day off with everyone singing the National Anthem. We are certainly proud of our Monarch here at Allenbrook and the residents had a super time, Maisie even wrote a fun and heartfelt poem too! A big thank you to all our residents, families and team who supported the day and made it such a success!

Week Two

This week we celebrated two birthdays… Maisie and Denis. We decorated with balloons to celebrate, the chef made gorgeous cakes, Maisie received some flowers from us here and Denis enjoyed some chocolate…. nothing nicer than a bit of chocolate! We all sang happy birthday to both of our lovely residents and it was lovely to see birthday smiles! 😊

We started our World map project also………see the next week 😊

Week Three

We are finalising one of our fun person centre projects (World map project) which is a map of the world and where our residents have been. It has been really interesting speaking to our residents to find out where in the world they have visited. We have popped some little stickers on the map in the lounge to highlight our roving travellers. From America to Asia and all places in between.

On the 18th June was International Picnic Day. The bunting came out!! The residents enjoyed a picnic-style buffet for their evening meal, with mini sausages, pork pies, sandwiches, coleslaw, grapes and lovely desserts. Went down a treat!

For Father’s Day on the 19th June, we made some greetings cards for the ‘dads’ here and popped some choccy treats in the envelope and made posters to celebrate the day. Yum!

Week Four

This week was a fun week with our bi-weekly Bingo sessions and some new exercises introduced to our residents. The residents enjoyed some stretching exercises which were demonstrated in a seated position and we exercised to Neil Diamonds’ Sweet Caroline. Well done to all who took part.

This week also saw some beautiful sunny days and some of our residents enjoyed sitting under the gazebo in the afternoons enjoying a cool drink or cuppa!

We had some fun with some pictures quizzes this week for the residents’ identifying flowers and birds…. our residents were quick to identify some of the more difficult types such as a Nightingale bird or Sweet William flower.

We have also started an abstract art project which will result in a collective art piece for our walls. Looking forward to the end result!

Week Five

On the 27th June National Bingo Day and our prizes were slightly different to celebrate the recognised day!  Instead of numbers, we used dessert images!

And not just chocolate prizes today!

The bingo game had a twist and this time the caller called out pictures of desserts to match the cards the residents had. It was great fun and well done to our residents who won the lovely prizes, such as toiletry sets and YES…. some more lovely chocolate! Made us all feel hungry looking at the lovely pictures. Colin celebrated his birthday with well wishes and birthday cards and his door was decorated!

Welcome to our lovely new resident Patricia 😊